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Peacock Mango & Lime Cider

Peacock Mango & Lime Cider

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Peacock Mango and lime Cider’s sweet mango flavour is perfectly balanced by the zesty lime to provide a burst of tropical refreshment. This Asian cider is a brilliant blend of culinary and traditional bittersweet cider apples. The delicious bittersweet apples provide a dry finish that offers an ideal partnership for meat as well as bringing out the flavour of spices.

Name: Peacock Mango & Lime Cider

Brand: Peacock

Alcohol: 4% ABV

Type: Mango & Lime Cider

Bottle Size: 500ml

Pair with: It has a gentle sweetness to balance the natural tartness of culinary apples, which aids in the matching of rich dishes and subtly softens the heat of the chilli.

Country: England

Region: Suffolk

Vegan/Vegetarian? Vegan

Organic? No

Gluten-free? Yes

Allergy Advice: Contains Sulphites 

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