Our Story

Meet Ross and Megan, the founders of Krafty Fine Drinks. 

The now engaged couple first met down in Sheffield which is Megan’s hometown, but also home to many wonderful breweries and craft beers.
During the pandemic they moved to Kirkcaldy, where Ross is originally from.

They were walking along Kirkcaldy High Street one day when they realised there was nowhere to really buy independent craft beers in Kirkcaldy. And that’s how it all started. They began looking into finding the perfect premises.

Initially, they couldn’t find a place suitable and so the plan went to bed for a while…

However, in December 2021 Megan & Ross finally found the perfect place, right next door to Jocks Grill House! 

Since then, a lot of planning, hard work, sweat, and tears has gone into making Krafty a place we now know and love.

So please support a new small Kirkcaldy business this weekend, and buy your bottle from Krafty!