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Viru Beer

Viru Beer

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Name: Viru Beer

Brand: Viru

Alcohol: 5% ABV

Type: Beer

Description: An award winning 5% pilsner style beer. Brewed in Estonia using pure spring water from one of the deepest wells in Europe and specially selected barley from across the Baltic region.

Traditional brewing techniques combine pale malts with gently toasted malts and the finest quality Saaz hops to create a beautifully balanced lager suitable for all occasions.

A light golden colour with fine carbonation produces a crisp white head. Grain and citrus on the nose with slight herbal notes. Clean, refreshing flavour with consistent malt and a hint of caramel. Fresh hops linger to provide a subtle elegance and a smooth finish.

Genuine premium lager for those who appreciate quality and purity.

Beautiful Beer.

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